Every Role. Every Task.

Campus on Cloud provides comprehensive functionality for every role within the University or College.


The Registrar manages the major academic processes within the University. From the Course Catalog through scheduling classes, faculty and exams, through student enrollment and changes in course registration, from finalizing grades through managing graduating students and transcripts, Campus on Cloud makes the Registrar’s Office an efficient hub for the academic life of the University.

The Registrar can choose to either centralize or delegate specific functions and approvals to create an operational model that suits the university.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics ensure that the Registrar gets insight into the evolving academic profile of the student population. This helps match the mix of course offerings to students’ interests and objectives.


The Bursar ensures the financial wellbeing of the University or College. Campus on Cloud allows the Bursar to define and manage tuition policies that can be finely tuned to various segments of the student population. The Financial Aid and Scholarship process is also automated as required and ensures that the targeted students can transparently benefit from the help the University seeks to make available.

Finally, Campus on Cloud manages the student payments and receivables and allows for control and financial holds to be setup on student registration and enrollment to ensure compliance with University policy.

Head of Admissions

The Admissions function is the all-important gatekeeper of the student population. Campus on Cloud manages the entire Admission process from initial application through matriculation into the student population. Each function within the Admission process can be tailored as required by the Admissions Office and support for multiple processes allows, for example, graduate students to be treated separately from undergraduate applicants.

The Admissions dashboard allows the Admissions Office to keep close watch as students accept offers and eases the management of wait-lists and standby offers of admission.

Dean / Head of Department

Academic leaders typically participate in approval workflows for various Campus on Cloud functions. For example, the finalization of grades may require the Head of Department to signoff. Additionally, comprehensive Department level reports and Analytics provide insight to the academic leaders into the functioning of their Department. Enrollment trends, grade distribution analysis, faculty evaluation, comparisons against prior terms and years are all available instantly and can be analyzed at the aggregate level or at the level of detail drilldown required.


The Faculty Portal and mobile app gives faculty members access to their schedule and their class roster and allows the faculty members to communicate with their class (individually or as a whole). The Faculty Portal also allows faculty to enter grades for homework and exams and to mark student attendance.


The Student Portal and mobile app allows students to enroll for classes, view their schedules, their grades and transcript, their fee bills and any academic or financial holds. The Portal also allows the students to communicate with the faculty teaching their courses and with academic advisors. Faculty evaluation is also conducted via the Student Portal.

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