SSUET signs up for Campus on Cloud

SSUET is a reputed university with 6500 students. After evaluating a number of Campus Management Solution; they opted for CoC to streamline Admission, Academics & Financial processes. SSUET found that feature / functions of CoC were far superior and fulfilled their needs very well. With CoC they will be able to align all these student related functions and see coherent reports for better decision making.

CECOS University goes live with Campus on Cloud

CECOS University, a general university with 4,000 students, has gone live with Campus on Cloud replacing an internally built solution. At CECOS, the unified access to student data across both Academic and Finance provide by Campus on Cloud has resulted in a major improvement of business functions.

MIA College signs up for Campus on Cloud

MIA College, a small religious education institution based in Liverpool Australia, has signed up for Campus on Cloud. With 400 students, MIA was looking for a solution which would manage its student information in a structured manner. The cloud based deployment of Campus on Cloud was a huge additional benefit since it dramatically reduced the burden of IT infrastructure at MIA College.

MIA was already using a commercial CMS but after seeing a demo of CoC they decided to discontinue use of existing CMS. CoC provided them superior features / functions and the built in Analytics would help them in better planning and decision making.

Campus on Cloud transforms Rehman Medical Institute

Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) offers academic programs in medicine, dentistry, nursing and other disciplines through four professional colleges. Currently, RMI has 1,000 enrolled students and this number is expected to increase to 2,000 over the next two years.

With plans of expansion that include introducing six more programs, RMI was looking for a world-class Campus Management Solution (CMS) to meet their growing administrative and academic needs that would help them deliver academic excellence in today’s digital era. Campus on Cloud proved to be the answer offering a fully integrated solution that covers all the administrative, academic and financial processes at RMI.

RLMC selects Campus on Cloud

Rashid Latif Medical College (RLMC) has chosen Campus on Cloud as its Campus Management Solution. The 1,000 student college opted for Campus on Cloud to manage the end to end student lifecycle and to modernize its digital infrastructure.