Campus on Cloud: The New Standard

A Campus Management Solution (CMS) is the beating heart of University operations. It enables paperless management of key work processes and ensures the integration of tasks and information where required.

Campus on Cloud sets the new standard for a CMS with its complete set of functionality, technical features like workflow support, comprehensive Analytics and Reporting and ease of operations via Cloud based solution delivery.

Campus on Cloud is a solution which integrates both processes and data across Admissions, Academics and Financials. It automates the processes that manage the student lifecycle: from initial application for admission through enrollment, graduation and beyond. By providing a single source of data, Campus on Cloud allows the university to analyze its performance from both a mission perspective (enabling high quality learning outcomes) and from a financial perspective (managing and securing the day to day and future operations of the University).


Underlying the three functional modules (Admissions, Academics and Financials) is the Core module. The Campus on Cloud Core manages the Administrative and Academic hierarchy of the University and allows the definition of campuses, schools, departments, careers, programs, degrees and the specializations on offer. The Core also allows management of terms and sessions and the academic calendar. A centralized Policy Center lets the university tailor the rules for Admissions, Financials, Enrollment, Grading and other functions at all levels in the administrative and academic hierarchy. A configurable security framework ensures access of functions and data is restricted to specific user roles.



Campus on Cloud offers a customizable Online Admissions Application and also supports paper based applications (and a combination of online and paper applications if required). The Applicant Portal enables the tracking and management of applications by both online and paper based applicants.

Campus on Cloud understands that the Admissions process is unique to almost every university. CoC allows the University to configure the generation of selection and merit lists as required through an exhaustive set of criteria for evaluating applications. The admissions workflow can also be configured and the workflow can be different across programs, departments etc. to address their specific needs. Offer letters are generated by the system, if required. Applicants are also able to accept or reject the offers online and pay the admission fee online if supported by the University or College.



Campus on Cloud Academics covers the functions of the Registrar and the Controller of Examinations offices.
To assist start of term activities, CoC supports the definition and management of the course curriculum, offering courses in multiple departments, and scheduling classes, faculty and exams. Students can be enrolled into classes both administratively and via self-service through the Student Portal.

Students can add, drop or swap a course to manage their academic load and the appropriate controls and approval workflows can be configured as required. Instructors track attendance and grade assignments, quizzes and exams through the Faculty Portal as part of the mid-term activities.

To conclude the term, Campus on Cloud facilitates the Registrar or other delegated office in approving and finalizing grades, validating repeats, generating transcripts and processing graduating students. Faculty can also be evaluated by students.



Campus on Cloud provides a single source for student financial data. It tracks all the financial transactions during a student’s life cycle at the university. CoC Financials covers:

  • Setup and Processing of Application, Admission and Tuition Fees and other charges
  • Setup of billing calendars and installment plans
  • Award and Disbursal of Financial Aid, Waivers and Scholarships
  • Collections of Payments and Dues and Age Analysis

The Student Portal lets the students view their account statement, view their bills, pay the dues online and request deferrals and installments plans.


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