Campus Management Solution

A complete Student Information System (SIS) for Higher Education


Campus on Cloud (CoC) is Campus Management software built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Campus on Cloud covers the complete student lifecycle: admissions through graduation. It manages three major operational areas for a University or College;  Admissions, Academics and Financials.


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Everything is the result of a process

Campus on Cloud is built to be process aware: this means that workflows control large scale processes such as the Admissions function and can be configured to the exact requirements of the institution. This configuration is done by administrators themselves and does not require any change in the software.

In addition, any specific action in the system can be linked with an approval process. For example, finalizing the final grades in a course can be attached to a workflow with, say, three levels of approval required. These approval workflows can be customized at any level of the administrative or academic structure. For example, two separate departments can have different approval workflows for finalizing the final grades.

Rapid Implementation and Easy Operations

Campus on Cloud has been designed for rapid implementation so that you can transition to Campus on Cloud with a minimum of effort. The entire setup and structure of Campus on Cloud has been designed to be simple to understand and consistent across the entire application.

For example, policies and rules related to all three major areas of the application are clearly and consistently marked and controlled in the Policy Center.

After implementation, the ongoing operation of Campus on Cloud is also very simple. Because CoC is provided via the Cloud, you automatically get:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Hardware upgrades free of charge
  • A fully-backed up solution with a disaster recovery site included
  • Protection from cyber security threats by the world’s leading operator of data centers

Analytics Everywhere

Campus on Cloud is built on the concept of pervasive analytics. CoC ships with more than 50 standard operational reports delivered out of the box.

Campus on Cloud also includes analytic content associated with every major functional area. For example, clicking on the name of a student provides a full 360 degree view of the student’s performance to date and also how it compares to his or her peers (in the same class, same batch, the same department etc.). Clicking on a course in the catalog shows a set of pre-computed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) specific to the course such as enrollment trends, distribution of grades and faculty evaluation.

Finally, dashboards organized by subject area provide rich content that can be filtered and analyzed interactively. For example, the Admissions dashboard provides 20+ linked KPIs that provide a comprehensive and detailed view of the admissions process.

Access to the reporting and analytics features is controlled by the data security policy of the institution.

Design Excellence

In designing the user experience in Campus on Cloud, the fundamental principle adopted was Human Centered Design. This seemingly obvious idea means that the software is meant to be used by people and the needs of these people are paramount.

For example, there are variations amongst these people: Over time, administrative staff that use the software every day become expert users, while students who may use the software a few times a week remain novices or intermediate users at best. Thus the software must adapt to the requirements of different levels of user expertise and provide friendly pathways for novices as well as efficient interactions for power users.

A second key goal for Campus on Cloud was to design beautiful software. We believe that software that sets high standards for aesthetics is a pleasure to use and results in users who enjoy working with the system.

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